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    Latest News

    The new website is now up and running, with the exception of the portfolio section which I'll need to do some work on in order to get a format I feel is benefitial. Until that's done it will remain hidden so I can tinker with it and the relevent information.


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After quite some time I finally decided to move hosts and finally get a new website up and running as you will have noticed if your one of the few that have visited here before. Well I figured this time around I would give Concrete a try, never used it before so I get to try something new and setup a new design for the website, Win-Win.

Who Am I ?

An Experienced IT Contractor with a history of working in both public and private sectors. Focused primarily on Cisco Networking but with good working knowledge and understanding of many different technologies and programming languages. This broad skill set allows for adaptability and solving complex issues by having that critical awareness of the bigger picture.