After quite some time I finally decided to move hosts and finally get a new website up and running as you will have noticed if your one of the few that have visited here before. Well I figured this time around I would give Concrete a try, never used it before so I get to try something new and setup a new design for the website, Win-Win.

Anyway, as I'll be going on a lot of training over the coming months I figured I would start something of a personal blog here so that people can learn from my experiences and avoid any of the undoubtable many I will make long the way. After a great many years of doing X, Y, Z I've finally decided on the path I really want to go down, that of a PenTester. Best of all my broad knowledge and skill set plays directly into it as an advantage. I've lost count of the times I've got funny looks when they look at a network engineer who can happily talk about PHP/MySQL or write a script to parse a log file. With PenTesting however, it's all an advantage it seems, you need that element of flexibility, the willingness to try new things and see the bigger picture as well as the finer details... if that makes sense.

But before I ramble on too much here on this first post, I'll be starting my OSCP training hopefully some time this month. Would have started by now but I've been ill thankfully only so much TV you can stream in bed before you go insane. Hence getting this site done. Once I've started on the training I'll be posting more updates in here, no course material obviously but my thoughts and opinions on whatever comes to mind along the way.

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